Co-operative Radio shows sales increase up to 40%

Published: 09th August 2010
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Mood Media has worked with Cooperative Group and they have created the Co-operative Radio to boost their sales. In-store marketing solutions are very successful and cost-effective. It was found that, "In-store radio was the most successful in-store channel registering 30-40% higher uplift per £1 media value than the other measured channels." Susan Beetlestone, Head of Commercial Marketing at The Co-operative, said: "These results confirm what we have long suspected that in-store media is extremely cost-effective."

Research commissioned by The Co-operative shows that multi-media in-store activity can boost the additional sales uplift from promotions by an average of 25%. Of all the leading food retailers, The Co-operative runs the most sophisticated retail media operation offering third party suppliers more than 40 different media channels. The study, which was conducted by Data2Decisions on behalf of The Co-operative, showed that in-store radio was the most successful in-store channel registering 30 to 40% higher uplift per £1 media value than the other measured channels. "Retail media is an emerging route to market versus the more traditional channels, such as TV and press campaigns, and it's good to see The Co-operative at the forefront of these developments." Mood Media has worked with Co-operative Group for over 20 years and has a dedicated team of radio producers and DJ's who create Co-operative Radio. Clearly, we are thrilled this research shows such positive results.

Internationally Mood Media is a leading provider of , in-store solutions and cooperate with over 650 international brands such as Adidas, Argos, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Volkswagen. In the past five years, it has seen considerable expansion of its managed content service integrating retail marketing consultancy, music and visual displays. It has also found success in the launch of music channels that reduce or eliminate the licensing fees retailers must pay for playing music in their stores.

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